'Mid-Century Attitudes: Dreaming'

Scope and Content

Bundle of papers containing notes relating to 'Mid-Century Attitudes: Dreaming', the first of the four Inventions for Radio, a series of collaborations between Delia and Barry Bermange. The broadcast name was 'The Dreams' (TRW5099), it was created in 1963 and broadcast in January 1964. The bundle comprises:

  • /1 Manuscript notes entitled 'copy of BB counts (RNR)' [relates to 'Radio Newsreel' project?]. Later entry on page is dated 22 Jul 1963: Notes relating to speeds of tracks 1 - 8 and musical style. [1 sheet.]
  • /2 Lists of TRW recordings, including 'Asylum Diary'.
  • /3 Manuscript notes entitled 'BB' [Barry Bermange], relating to music and mood.
  • /4 Manuscript notes headed 'Mid-Century Attitudes I : Dreaming', containing list of listening and editing dates.
  • /5 Typescript schedule for unspecified production during Aug/Sep; includes dates for dubbing and mixing. Annotations by DD refer to 'BB' [Barry Bermange] and 'final cutting of script'.
  • /6 Manuscript version of same schedule as in /5.
  • /7 Manuscript notes entitled 'Mid-Century Attitudes: Dreaming, by Barry Bermange'.
  • /8 Annotated typescript notes on music for 'Mid-century Attitudes' by Barry Bermange. Refers to 'notes of 2.3.63' being relevant.
  • /9 Manuscript sketch scores and rough working. One sheet headed 'Last Year'; another sheet includes lyrics 'Put your shoes on baby, I'll walk you to the subway'.

Former reference: TRW5099