Abstract of Title of Devisees of William Wilberforce

Scope and Content

As DDSY/6/31; with that part of the East Beck from North Frodingham High Bridge to New Ings Close with right of fishing there; Skinners Garth and Greenhead Oxgang; messuage and Kiln Garth in North Frodingham. Manors of, and lands in, Markington and Ingerthorpe. Parcels adjoining the canal and river in Brigham. Messuage in Thornholme, called Thornholme Garth, with closes called First Close, Middle Bottom, Great and Little Hill, Bog Close, Meadow Close and Hotham Bottom. Manor and farm of Fisholme with close called Barn Close, Stack Garth, Flat Carr, Little Carr, the Acres, Great and Little Hill Carrs and Fox Close (formerly Engine Close and 2 Odd Ends). Messuage in Brigham with closes called the Leys and Garth, Fowler Pitts, Black Bank Close, Peell Hill (formerly Engine Close and Peell Hill), Stake Hill, Red Hill, Wilfe Hill and Nafferton Close; messuage and closes called First Infield Close, Flag Hill, Clay Holmes, Fox Pitt Close, and Thornholme Bottom, all in Brigham. Messuage, corn warehouse and landing place in North Frodingham, with closes called How Hill Bottom, How Lane Bottom, Kirk Carr and Little Five Acres. Messuage with Home Garth, Three Winne, Moore Necken, Bengee Close, Muir Close, Water Stark, Long Close, Butts, Easton Garth, Swine Closes, Bead House, Mill Close, Green Close and Town Garth; messuage with Clover Close, Long Close, Wilberforce Butts, Thortleby Close, Low Hill and Corner Close; messuage with Dobe Cole Garth, Twiggers, Town End Close, Follins, Follins Fall, Gravel Hill, Readmere Bottom and Hill, Ramers Bottom and Gravel Pit; messuage with Ramer Bottom, Hill Close, Seven Acres Close, Lamwith Wells Close, Green Close, Clover Close, Ann Wilsons Garth, and Low Garth; and Mill Fall Allotment, all in Coniston. Messuages, closes and allotments in Brigham as DDSY/6/27

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Part of an original bundle, U DDSY/ 6/26-65