Letters from Mark Sykes to his wife Edith

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These letters from 1902 cover Mark's return from war, and more society obligations than in previous bundles. At the start of 1902, he was admitted into hospital after suddenly going deaf, and by May he had returned home to England. Many letters describe various dinner engagements, theatre excursions and plays he had seen, and arranged times to meet up with Edith. They also mention the Sykes-Sandars drill book he co-authored, as well as his time in Ireland, describing his opinion of the Irish, and Wyndham, who he would later work for. The last letters of 1902 are sent from the initial stages of his grand trip through the Ottoman Empire and part of Russia, which he had been organising even before he went to South Africa. He took with him his Cambridge friend John Hugh Smith, a man of more delicate nature and less adaptable to Eastern culture than Mark

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