Bargain and Sale: for £93: Henrye Thomson of York merchant to John Winder of Skipwith husbandman

Scope and Content

Messuage, garth, 3 1/2ac. in Sowth Moores, 3ac. 1/2r. in the West Field, 4ac. in the Harthawray, 3r. in North Field, 1ac. in Seavyesyke, 1ac. in North Toftes, 2ac. in Sowthfeild, 1ac. 1 1/2r. in Sowthe Riddings, 1ac. in the Ing, and closes called Burnbye Layne Close, the Thre Noked Skackle Wandes and Murthwaite; and 10ac. moor ground: Witn. Jo. Herbert, Wm. Burton, Robart Thomson, Robart Thomlinson, Wilme. Thorpe, John More.

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