Estate Correspondence and Subject Files

Scope and Content

1 - 12 Letter books (1894 - 1919)

13 - 36 Letters received (1905 - 1915)

37 - 988 Subject correspondence files (mainly 20th century)

989 - 1038 Farm correspondence (20th century)

1039 - 1093 Miscellaneous (mainly 20th century)

N.B. Original series numbers are shown in brackets, and there are indexes for these series at U DDFA5/13/37 (covering items U DDFA5/13/38 - U DDFA5/13/112), U DDFA5/13/118 (items U DDFA5/13/119 - U DDFA5/13/638) and U DDFA5/13/639 (items U DDFA5/13/640 - U DDFA5/13/781). To facilitate the use of these indexes, the original order has been kept where applicable, although not all the files have survived.

Access Information

Access will be granted to any accredited reader