File. 'PAYE [pay as you earn] and [GIC] Records 1988-1989'

Scope and Content


(a) PAYE payslip stubs

(b) Correspondence and press release relating to the establishment of Escrick (c) Park Rideways riding Club, 1989

(d) PAYE and GIC sheet for casual workers Escrick Park Home Farm

(e) Statutory Sick Pay sheets Estate and Farm workers (2) 1988 / 89

(f) Copy. Department of Social Security enquiry about IR Bell's earnings, 18 May 1989

(g) Duplicate. Tenancy Agreement between Nigel Colin Forbes Adam and Queen Margaret's School for letting a dwelling house at 'Park gates' Escrick

(h) Escrick Park Safety Policy (2pp)

(i) Ledger sheets. 'Pension Contributions 1988 / 89'

(j) Ledger sheets. 'Holidays', 6 Apr 1986 - 5 Apr 1987 (3pp)

(k) Ledger sheets. 'Casual Wages 1988 / 89'

(l) Ledger sheets. 'Farm PAYE and GIC 1988 / 89' (3pp)

(m) Ledger sheets. 'Estate PAYE and GIC 1988 / 89(3pp)

(n) Draft. Rosalind Cecilia Forbes Adam's curriculum vitae

(o) Copy. Tenancy agreement for letting Temple Lodge, Escrick Park

(p) Ts. Poems (19pp)

(q) Copy. Tenancy agreement between Nigel Colin Forbes Adam and [?Smith] for letting 1 Park Row, Escrick

(r) 'Shooting at Escrick Park 1989 / 90 season' (16pp)

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Note: parts closed for 50 years. Closed until 2041