Marriage Settlement

Scope and Content

(i) William Headlam of Kexby gent.

(ii) Margaret Headlam of Kexby widow

(iii) Samuel Walker of York gent.

(iv) Ralph Lutton of Ruston and William Lutton of Knapton esqs.

Further to marriage of W.H. and Anne daughter of R.L. and niece of W.L. for her portion of £1500: manor of Kexby, capital messuage, closes called Ring of the House, Horse Close, Little Oakes, South end of Great Thackmyre, Little Thackmyre, Posterne Wood and Rough Close; messuage and closes called Lady Parke, Chaffer Close, Broome Hill with the Lane, North end of Great Thackmyre, and Plaine of the Parke; messuage and closes called Smiths Garth, Rye Close and Bonwells Garth; messuage with close called Wormstalls; 3 farms; closes called Whitecross Nooke and White Carrs; 6 messuages, closes called Lea Close, 5 Cawood Closes, Long Ing, Kilne Garth, Paddock Close, Bell Close, Catton Closes, Longley Close, Moor Closes, Intack, Crooked Close, Kidson Close and Barrowes Garth; woods called Spell Woods, Great Birk Spring, High Birk Spring, High Wood and Fox Hole Moores; capital messuage called New Hall with Sicklings House, Newbies House, Seymors House, Coopers House and closes called Laine Head Close, Ox Close, 3 Raithwoods, Chambers Close, Note Close, Milfeild, Potter Close, Middle Close, Close next Scorby, 2 Fatt Beast Closes, the Oakes Dovecoates Garth and Teal Ing: To recited uses. Witn. Charles Headlam, Richard Hollin, Tho. Preston, John Sicklin, Chr. Brearey, John Bolling, Andrew Firbank, John Lister, John Symm, Phillip Lutton.

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