Revocation of Uses by Richard Herbert of Skipwith gent.

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Closes called the Hursts (The Poughall E.) the Hursts (The Holme W.), the Paddocke (the Purgatry S., the Hursts N.), Eller Close in the Lincrofts ('being seaventeen lands and a halfe and two gares'), 1/2ac. in the North Field, 1 gare in the North Field, closes called Little Carr, 1 land in Long Carr, 5r. in the Clubb Pasture, 5r. in the Further Seave Syke, 5 lands in the South Moors, close called the Sarte, 3 lands in the North Field (1 called the Street Land), 1 land in the South Field, 1ac. in the Harth of Wray, 4ac. in Southmoorhill, 4 1/2ac. in the Seave Sike, 1/2ac. in the West Field, Round Acre in the Long Carr, 1/2ac. in Northtofts, close called the Crooks, 8 lands in the Long Crooks, a parcel of free moor called Forty Foot, 2 lands in the Crooke Moore; closes called the Tenn Lands, the Pylmoore, the Purgatry, the Haykin, the Carr; 1 land in North Field and 8 lands in South Ruddings: To use of R.H. Revoking the uses on the premises limited by a covenant to stand seized (1 August 1655) between R.H. and wife Margarett and Christopher Wormley of Riccall gent., and Christopher Wormley of Barmby upon Dunn gent., of a capital messuage and estate of R.H. (reference to the manor or capital messuage called the Hall 'then prostrated and demolished'). Witn. Edward Wormeley, Marmaduke Bossevile, G. Blanshard, John Waude, and George Thompson.

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