Marriage Settlement: Symon Benet of Beachampton, co. Bucks. esq. (son and heir of Richard B. of London dec'd) to Gilbert Morewood of London esq.: Prior to marriage of Symon Benet and Grace Morewood, daughter of Gilbert

Scope and Content

Manor, mansion house and advowson of Beachampton, with the Upper Milne; closes called the Orchards, Shrives End, Queenes Close, Dawes Close, Dawes Meadow, the Lake, the four Moores, Hillfeild, Hillfeild Meadow, Great Grove or Busby Close, Alexanders Cornefeilds and Richardsons Waist; a grove of wood; cottage and Robert Godfreys Home Close; cottage and Bennetts Home Close; cottage and Blackmans Home Close; Richardsons House and close; messuage called Francklyns; Meaks Upper Close, Meaks Fursan Close, Laurams two Fursan Closes, Lanck Lades, and 2 messuages. Manor and advowson of Calverton alias Calveston with Stony Stratford, co. Bucks, with fairs and markets and fishing in the River Owse: Witn. Fenton Parsons, Thomas Rich, Fra. Mosel notary public, Tho. Russell, Daniel Cooper, Edw. Poultney, Ben. Morewood

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