Copy Deed of Partition as U DDFA/32/28: Thomas Tanckard of Borrowbridge and Richard Beilby of Harroby Graunge gents.

Scope and Content

Micklethwaite Graunge and property in Collingham, Bramham and Gregleston, the estate of Barnard Paver of Micklethwaite Graunge the father of Jane wife of T.T. and Frances wife of R.B. A Final Concord to be levied of the premises to Richard Thornton and Thomas Wentworth (by description of 2 messuages, 2 gardens, 8 cottages, 200ac. land, 40ac. meadow, 400ac. pasture, 60ac. wood, 200ac. moor and heath in Collingham. 1 messuage, 1 garden, 20ac. land, 6ac. meadow, 20ac. pasture, 2ac. wood in Bramham. 3 messuages, 3 gardens, 100ac. land, 40ac. meadow, 200ac. pasture, 20ac. wood, 100ac. moor and 26s.8d. rents in Cregleston). Premises in Collingham (subject to a rent of £13.6.8.) then to be conveyed to R. & F.B. : Those in Bramham and Cregleston and a yearly rent of £13.6.8. out of the premises in Collingham to be conveyed to T. & J.T.

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