Lease and Release: Conan Aske late of North house Farm, par. Escrick gent., to John Idle of the Middle Temple esq., and Thomas Bridges of Symonds Inn gent.

Scope and Content

Messuage called North house with House Close, Fogg Close, Clover Close, Ox Close, Stackhill Close, 2 Fox Yards Closes, 2 Hither and Farr Bottom Closes, Intack Bottoms, Bottom Close next the Common, Eller Close, Little Moor Close, Well Closes, the Puddock, Baker Close and Near and Far Whitehouse Closes, all at North house in Deighton. 6ac. meadow in Naburn Inggs: On trust for sale to pay scheduled debts maintain C.A., etc. Witn. Hen. Trubshaw, Harwood Awbery, Archd. Heart, Ramsden Barnard, James Stonehouse.

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