UEA Collection: Roy H. Campbell

Scope and Content

This series consists of papers relating to Prof. Campbell's activities as Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of East Anglia and includes correspondence concerning his resignation from that and his other university offices (his professorship excepted) in November 1970. The resignation was deferred to the end of the academic year 1970-1971 and did not in fact take effect, since Prof. Campbell took up an appointment at the University of Stirling in academic year 1971-1972.

The files deal in particular with three contentious issues that affected the University during this its early years: student discipline; trade union recognition and industrial action by staff; and relations with Denys Lasdun & Partners.

UEA/CAM/1 Barclays, 1970

Includes two MS notes [by Prof. Campbell, 2002?] on the question of whether or not the file should be retained. Contains correspondence relating to the decision of UEA's Council to accede to student demands for an additional bank account to be opened with a bank other than Barclays, the University's bankers, for handling payments made by students who had ethical objections to Barclays' business activities in South Africa. A lay member of Council, Lord Cranbrook, resigned over the decision, and Prof. Campbell followed suit. Many of the letters in the file express support for Prof. Campbell.

UEA/CAM/2 Car Parking, 1970

Correspondence and memoranda relating to question of providing adequate staff car parking space, and measures to raise funds to provide car parking, in particular proposals to levy parking charges. Parking charges were vociferously opposed by UEA staff and the file includes correspondence relating to this and in particular the legal position regarding strike action by academics.

UEA/CAM/3 Notes on Meetings re Buildings, 1967-1969

This file is complementary to File UEA/CAM/4, and copies of some documents are to be found in both files. Includes references to buildings planned but not constructed, such as the Mackintosh Hall, the long-term capacity of the existing site to accommodate growth, and liability for the failure of the lining of a boiler-house chimney.

UEA/CAM/4 Denys Lasdun & Partners, 1967-1968

Contents chiefly as for File UEA/CAM/3, but also includes some papers relating to the Committee on the Relationship with the Architect, the Site Committee, and related bodies.

UEA/CAM/5 ASTMS Recognition, 1969-1970

Although the title refers to only one trade union, the Association of Scientific, Technical, and Managerial Staffs, the file covers the question of trade union recognition and employer-staff negotiation more generally. Includes a copy of the draft report of the Working Party on Negotiating and Consultative Machinery [1970]. The matter of industrial action by staff is also referred to in other files, notably UEA/CAM/2.

UEA/CAM/6 Address to Magistrates on Student Discipline and Welfare, 1970

Contains MS speaking notes and a typescript draft, headed Student Welfare and Discipline, of an address [by Prof. Campbell] to Norwich magistrates, 23rd October 1970, appended to which is a typescript, The 10 points of the N.U.S., c. January 1969.

UEA/CAM/7 Dean of Students, 1967, 1971-1972.

Annotated [by Prof. Campbell?] on the file cover 1. Dean of Students and related matters. 2. Letters on role of professors. RHC/T.J. Colman. The file contains two items of correspondence from July 1971 between Prof. Campbell and Mr Timothy Colman relating to the role of university professors in the administration and management of a university.

The rest of the contents relate to the reports of the Commission of Inquiry into the Code of Discipline and the General Regulations, October 1971, and of the Working Party on the Use of Drugs, March 1971. By the time the Commission reported, Prof. Campbell had departed UEA for the University of Stirling. Included is a typescript copy of a paper The Office of the Dean of Students, 13th June 1967, signed by N. Brooke, R.H. Campbell, G.D. Garton, and J.A. Jackson, arguing against the appointment of a full-time successor to the Dean of Students of the day and instead for the Dean of Students to be an academic and appointed part-time on a rotating basis.

UEA/CAM/8 Code of Discipline, 1967-1970

This file has been made up from a bundle of loose papers. It contains a copy of the UEA Code of Discipline, 1968-9 and a bundle of correspondence, memoranda and other items under a covering note [by Prof. Campbell to Dr Michael Sanderson, 25 May 2000?] that contains: Joint Statement from the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals and the National Union of Students, 7th October 1968; cutting from The Times, 12/10/1970, Keele punishment; Yale Law School Disciplinary Code; University College of Swansea Newsletter, September 1969, referring to the suspension of a student; extract from the London School of Economics Regulations for Students, 1969-70; University Discipline: Notice by the Council of the Senate [of Cambridge University], 1969; Student Matters, summary of information received by Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals on universities' disciplinary procedures, DOC C. App. II, 19.5.67; Notes on Disciplinary Procedure, R.H. Campbell, to the Vice-Chancellor [Frank Thistlethwaite], 29 May 1968; and Emergency action under Statute 19(22). Report of the Drafting Committee to [UEA] Senate.

Administrative / Biographical History

Roy H. Campbell was Professor of Economics and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of East Anglia from 196- until 1971.


  • UEA/CAM/1 Barclays, 1970
  • UEA/CAM/2 Car Parking, 1970
  • UEA/CAM/3 Notes on Meetings re Buildings, 1967-1969
  • UEA/CAM/4 Denys Lasdun & Partners, 1967-1968
  • UEA/CAM/5 ASTMS Recognition, 1969-1970
  • UEA/CAM/6 Address to Magistrates on Student Discipline and Welfare, 1970
  • UEA/CAM/7 Dean of Students, 1967, 1971-1972
  • UEA/CAM/8 Code of Discipline, 1967-1970

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Custodial History

The files are as received by hand of Dr Michael Sanderson, historian of UEA, on June 10th 2002. Dr Sanderson had received them from Prof. Campbell with authorisation to dispose of them as he thought fit.