Envelope with file number 12-100-34

Scope and Content

"Anthony's Old Intl. originals" inscribed.

Contains papers relating to the ASC's International Sub- Committee [ISC], IAS E32, IAS27 and IAS28, and general International Accounting Standards Committee [IASC] business. Encloses fair copies of papers and drafts, letters and memos in plastic envelopes. Contains material related to the visit of the IASC chairman to the UK including: a letter announcing Georges Barthes intention to visit [24 Feb 1989]; a photocopy of fax of 20 Jun 1989 of the speech to be made by the IASC chairman on the 28 Jun 1989; and papers such as "International Harmonisation briefing paper for IASC visit on 27/28 June" [23 Jun 1989]. Contains a memo on the CCAB dinner and invitation letters to the ISC and Planning Sub-committee [PSC]; a draft and copy of the IASC press release concerning the visit; and an envelope full of such papers including guest lists and seating arrangements. Contains the ASC's responses to IASC publications including: 3 copies of a photocopied letter which encloses the draft of the UK response to E32 and the submissions received from CCAB bodies; several copies of the UK and Ireland Prefaces to IAS27, IAS28, IAS29, and IASC E32; a draft of IASC E34, and the approved text of IAS29.

Also contains a paper "Summary of Discussions" on the conceptual framework; a letter from the ASC to IASC on the subject of IAS15 enclosing briefing papers on the other IASC publications above; and a letter to IASC from ASC enclosing a completed questionnaire on IAS15. Contains material concerned with ISC business including: a letter announcing the dates of future meetings [19 Apr 1989]; draft minutes [6 Apr 1989] of a meeting of 4 Apr 1989; and a letter from the ASC secretariat [5 May 1989] concerning the April IASC Board meeting in Brussels. Contains several IASC agenda papers, enclosed in a letter from the IASC secretariat to Board members, 13 Jan 199. Also contains: letters from the ASC Secretariat to various people, enclosing papers such as "IASC's role in the European Dimension of Promoting Global Harmonisation through IAS" [in letter of 29 Mar 1989]; and a draft note of a meeting with David Allen on the IASC Conceptual Framework enclosed in a letter of 14 Mar 1989. Also encloses a proof of an article by Anthony Carey [ASC secretariat] "International Harmonisation: into the 1990's".

Access Information

Access conditions apply; part of file closed to public inspection.