Box IP 1910

Scope and Content

Contains 1 file, numbered R12-100-76, which is a routine file [identified as such by the "R" prefixing the file number] concerning the development of ED46. Contains mainly drafts of the exposure draft [or sections of it], its preface and appendix, as enclosed in letters, attached to agenda, or found loose in the file. There are various drafts for Feb, Mar, Oct, and Nov 1988, and for Jan 1989. They are in various states: clean; marked-up to show changes from previous drafts; and with manuscript amendments of varying detail. The file also contains correspondence between ASC under-secretary A. Carey and working party chairman P.R. Hinton, throughout the period covered by the file, concerning the progress of the drafting of ED46 and the timetable for its release. Contains letters from D. Bourke of ICAI pertaining to the legal requirements affecting the standard in the Republic of Ireland, and from ASC members C.W. Nobes [31 Mar 1988] and A.V.C. Cook [30 Mar 1988] commenting on the March version of the ED. Also contains the agenda [22 Mar 1988] for the ASC meeting of 30 Mar 1988, at which a draft of the ED was discussed, along with the papers for that meeting. Contains a fax of a letter [25 Mar 1988] from [J].M. Renshall [ASC chairman] to P.R. Hinton in which Renshall discusses the presentation of the draft to the ASC, and makes suggestions for amendments.