File: 12-100-34

Scope and Content

3 files bound together with an elastic band, two of which are marked as 12-100-34 files and the third marked "12-21/[?5]4 in conjunction with 12-100-34"

The first file contains material on the ASC International Sub-committee [ISC], namely: letters from the ASC secretariat to the ISC, containing agendas and attachments which include; minutes, briefing memoranda, and papers on various International Accounting Standards Committee [IASC] topics. Contains a letter from Michael Renshall, ASC chairman, to the Financial Reporting Advisory Panel [FRAP], 12 Oct 1988, concerning the forthcoming IASC exposure draft on Comparability of Financial Statements and enclosing a questionnaire for them to complete. Returned questionnaires and an executive summary of the results are also contained in the file. Contains returned ballot slips for the ASC's vote on the acceptance of the proposed ASC preface to IASC E32 [Comparability of Financial Statements], and the press release, 9 Jan 1989, on the publication of the Foreword [a copy of which is enclosed]. Contains a letter from D.R. Beresford of the US Financial Accounting Standards Board [FASB] to J.M. Renshall, 24 Jul 1989, which encloses a report on the Financial Accounting Standards Board's work on the international harmonisation of accounting standards.

Contains a letter from Anthony Carey of the secretariat to D.H. Cairns [IASC Secretary-General] containing the ASC response to the IASC questionnaire on IAS15 'Information Reflecting the effects of Changing Prices'. Contains returned ASC ballot slips on the vote to approve the ASC response to IASC E32 'Comparability of Financial Statements'.

The second file contains further material concerning ASC involvement in IASC work. Contains letters relating to the ASC response to IASC E32. Contains correspondence between the ASC under-secretary Anthony Carey and D.H, Cairns of IASC on various issues. Contains letters and papers concerning the business of the IASC Intangibles Steering Committee. The third file, marked "12-21-[?5]4 in conjunction with 12- 100-34", contains material on CCAB involvement in the Federation des Experts Comptables Europeens [FEE], the European Accounting body. Contains correspondence concerning the establishment of a FEE study group system, whereby member bodies establish and give secretarial and financial support to working parties on the European attitude to international accounting standards. Contains material on the first of these groups, set up by the CCAB, the E32 Study Group.