File: 12-100-75

Scope and Content

"Investments File no. 5" inscribed on the cover.

Contains material relating to the work of the Investments Working Party [IWP], and the final drafting and approval of ED55, "Accounting for investments". Contains several copies of notes of the discussion of the investments ED at the ASC meetings of Jun and Jul 1990. Contains a copy of attachment 5 for the ASC meeting of 25 Jul 1990, which consists of: 2 copies of the supplementary note to the ASC; a copy of the report to the ASC; and a marked up copy of the proposed exposure draft. Contains comments from ASC members, in the form of: letters to the IWP chairman [R.M. Paterson]; and short notes to Martin Evans [the ASC secretary responsible for the working party]. Contains drafts of the ED: one a photocopy of the draft of July 90 with manuscript annotations by ASC chairman J.M. Renshall; and the other a marked up copy, with a note in the top right hand corner, reading, "As agreed with JMR and RMP 31.7.90". Contains letters and faxes from ASC members and observers, including the Department of Trade and Industry [DTI], commenting on the July version of the proposed ED. Contains photocopies of the first and second proofs of the ED, with manuscript annotations. Contains correspondence between the ICAEW publications office and Martin Evans. Contains a draft press release on ED55's publication, enclosed in a letter of 22 Aug 1990, M. Evans to R.M. Paterson. Contains a published copy of ED55, a copy of the letter to the working party members on its publication, 6 Sep 1990, and a reply from working party member, E.A. Bradman, 18 Sep 1990.