Permanent Papers

Scope and Content

Consists of all material housed in boxes having an 'IP' prefix [for "permanent"] to their number. Also includes some boxes whose numbers are prefixed with an M but which also bear a 'P'. These contain permanent files [hence the 'P'] boxed for the first time for transportation to the archive in Manchester [hence the 'M']. Files contained in both these types of boxes usually have a 'P' inscribed somewhere about the cover, although some files are marked with an 'R', being wrongly boxed 'Routine' files. Most files have a number, the ASC reference number beginning '12-100' and the following 2 numbers signifying the subject [eg: files numbered 12-100-21 contain ASC material on goodwill]. A few files do not have an ASC file number. In general, the permanent files were intended to contain an outline record of the work of the ASC, containing final copies of working party papers and exposure drafts [EDs], along with items such as press releases, and responses to the ASC's work from external parties. They were intended to contrast with the 'Routine' files [which were to hold rough working papers such as drafts] though such a distinction has not survived far past 1980.