Box IR 3636

Scope and Content

"Box A" and "12-100-18 Books and Pamphlets" inscribed on the lid, originally having a red rectangle affixed to the box with sticky tape.

Contains a memorandum explaining that this box [and the next 4 boxes] enclose publications for storage that relate to inflation accounting in its various forms. Explains that they are colour coded. Box A contains 30 items in all. Contains a list of pamphlets stored in the box. The list gives information on: the title of each publication; the publisher or sponsor; the author(s); and which library they originated from. They are published by: accountancy firms; accountancy bodies [American and British] and their committees; companies [eg: Royal Dutch Shell Group]; university presses; and a few [?small publishing houses]. The items originate mainly from the ASC Reference Library, one being from the Auditing Practices Committee [APC] Technical Directorate Library.