File: 12-100-18

Scope and Content

Contains material relating to the production of the changing prices handbook, and the withdrawal of SSAP16. Contains a draft copy of the changing prices handbook. Contains correspondence between: the ASC secretariat and the CCAB bodies; and the ASC secretariat and the CCAB secretariat. Such correspondence concerns, the ASC Policy Statement on current cost accounting, the handbook, and the withdrawal of SSAP16. Contains correspondence between the ASC secretariat and various individuals [from commerce and academia] relating to the ASC policy statement [TR604] and the concepts surrounding inflation accounting in general. Contains letters from the ASC secretariat to the ED35 working parties [which were analysing comments received on the exposure draft, and drafting guidance notes on the subject].

Also contains minutes of their meetings. Contains notes of a meeting of the CCAB presidents to discuss the changing prices handbook and the present state of play on the whole issue of inflation accounting, along with correspondence and papers relating to the meeting's organisation and subject matter. Contains comment letters from ASC members on the circulated draft of the handbook, along with comments from the 6 accountancy bodies making up the CCAB. Contains letters from the 6 CCAB bodies relating to the withdrawal of SSAP16. Contains a letter from the ASC to the Department of Trade and Industry [DTI] concerning the Companies Act 1985, and a letter from H.M. Treasury concerning the Byatt Report on current cost accounting in nationalised industries.