File: 12-100-24

Scope and Content

"Routine" and "IR 3412" inscribed on the cover.

Contains material relating to the work of the Pension Costs Working Party [PCWP]. Contains working party comments on a draft Statement of Intent on pension costs. Contains comments from members of the ASC's Planning Sub-Committee [PSC] on the draft statement, and also comments from ASC members. Contains letters of comment from a few external parties [such as the Institute of Actuaries] invited to comment on the draft. Contains a secretariat note designed to deal with questions raised on the Statement of Intent at an ASC meeting. Contains working party members comments on the other comments received on the Statement of Intent. Contains further letters from ASC members setting out their reasons for voting against the Statement of Intent at an ASC meeting [25 Jul 1984]. Contains a [revised] draft of the Statement of Intent. Contains papers by PCWP members. Contains material related to the final approval by the ASC of the publication of the consultative Statement of Intent.