Koestler. Section C. Literary manuscripts

Scope and Content

In this division of the archive there are notes, material, corrected carbons and typescripts, manuscript fragments, bibliographies, photographs, photostats and photocopies, and correspondence relating to translations of Koestler's books and plays, and his essays. There is also interview and broadcast material, speeches, and miscellaneous manuscript material. The books and plays in question include: Darkness at noon (1940), Arrival and departure (1943), Twilight bar (1945), Thieves in the night (1946), Insight and outlook (1948), Promise and fulfilment (1949), The age of longing (1950), Arrow in the blue (1952), The invisible writing (1954), Reflections on hanging (1956), The sleepwalkers (1959), Suicide of a nation? (1963), The act of creation (1964), The ghost in the machine (1967), Drinkers of infinity (1968), The case of the midwife toad (1971), The roots of coincidence (1972), The call girls (1972), and The thirteenth tribe (1976).