Papers of Cathlin Du Sautoy

Scope and Content

This collection contains the personal papers of Cathlin Du Sautoy

The badges associated with this collection include the following:

B/961 Victory Medal

B/962 British War Medal

B/963 Defence Medal

B/964 Silver Jubilee Commemoration

B/965 Republique Francaise

B/966 Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute for Nurses

B/967 Medal from Florence Nightingale's School

B/968 Medal of the American Committee for the Devastated Areas of France

B/969 South Africa Medal

B/970 International Council of Nurses Badge, London Badge

B/971 Air Raid Precaution Badge

B/972 Danish Medal with inscription and red ribbon

B/973 Christes Hospital Nurses League Badge

B/974 Pierrefords Button Badge

B/975 L'Armee á ses Infirmiéres Medal

B/976 Black Cross Medal with black and white ribbon

B/977 Guys Hospital Badge

B/978 Republique Francaise and Ministere des Colonies medals

B/979 Small Ministere des Colonies medal

B/980 Medal Bars with French Flag

B/981 Medal Bars British War Medals, Victory Medals

B/982 Medal Bars Red Cross and Leaves

B/983 Medal Bar, white with red and blue trim

B/984 Bronze rectangular medal Comité Américain pour les Régions Dévastées de la France, with portrait of Anne Dike on reverse.

B/985 Reconnaissance Francaise Medal

B/986 Exposition Cannes (dog show)

B/987 Ambulance de l'Ocean la Panne Medal

B/988 Gallipoli Medal

B/989 Universal Cookery and Food Association Exhibition Medal

B/990 Ville de Reims Compagnie de Sauveteurs bronze medal, with scene of Reims cathedral, mythological figures and retreating German soldier. Reverse has image of town square and mythological figure of the dawn, cockerel defeating an eagle and the phrase "Liberté, Egalité Fraternité". (An account of the presentation of this is included in the British Journal of Nursing, vol. 67, pg 266, 29 Oct 1921)

B/991 Bronze rectangular medal Comité Américain pour les Régions Dévastées de la France, with portrait of Anne Morgan on reverse.

B/992 NSU Green Star Medal

B/993 Small star-shaped medal, with red white and blue ribbon (motto: Cogito Ergo Sum)

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