Selection of slides for a talk on the history of genetics

Scope and Content

Most of these images appear in the Pontecorvo Science photograph album but have been kept as they reflect the ones that were used on his talk on the history of genetics and they are annotated.

Includes the original transparency of Pontecorvo and Jim Watson on a mountain top in August 1953. Also includes copies of images of Pontecorvo's trip to the Cold Spring Harbour Symposium in 1946, of Pontecorvo with friends and colleagues at genetics conferences and meetings, of famous genetics figures such as Mendel, William Bateson, Hermann Joseph Muller, Jacques Monod, Seymour Benzer and John Burdon Sanderson Haldane, and of cell cultures and somatic hybrids.

Related Material

UGC 198/10/1/1, Science photo album.