Photographs labelled "Some academic and some not-so-academic occasions"

Scope and Content

Page contains photographs of:

  • John A Pateman and Pontecorvo at Honorary Degree ceremony, taken by Bernard L Cohen;
  • Ted Forbes's farewell party showing Etta Dunn, Mrs Ward, Mrs May, Mrs Birrell, Mrs Robertson, Robert McMath, Marion Stone, Helen, Margaret and Ted Forbes and Carlo Mucci, taken by Bernard L Cohen;
  • Jean Frausman, Mrs Brodie, Jane McEwan, Mrs Tweedie, Cathy Bell, Marion Stone, Evelyn Roberts, Mrs Robertson, Mrs Aitken, 1959-1960;
  • Staff day out at Ben Lomond c1955, showing Pontecorvo, David Wilkie, Bob Pritchard, Etta Käfer, Elaine McKendrick, Neil Cleat, Alan Roper, and Margaret and Ted Forbes, taken by C G Elliot;
  • Ted Forbes and Marion Stone at Ted's retirement party, taken by Marion Stone.