Personal photographs and slides

Scope and Content


  • Science photograph album, including photographs of Pontecorvo with notable scientific colleagues at conferences and lectures, at the Cold Spring Harbor Symposium in 1946, and at the Institute of Genetics at the University of Glasgow;
  • 80th birthday photograph album compiled for Pontecorvo by friends and colleagues at the Institute of Genetics at the University of Glasgow to celebrate his 80th birthday. Contains photographs of the Institute of Genetics, old friends and colleagues, Glasgow and Loch Lomond, and 80th birthday celebrations in Pisa, Italy. Copies of photographs were submitted by friends and colleagues and added to the album;
  • Loose bundles of photographs and negatives of Pontecorvo with family and friends at various occassions over the years, including photographs of Pontecorvo as a young man, photographs of Pontecorvo at his Swiss chalet in St Luc, photographs of Pontecorvo at various birthday celebrations, photographs of Pontecorvo with friends and colleagues at genetics meetings and conferences, and the opening of the new building for the Institute of Genetics at the University of Glasgow.


The albums have been described as file and each page number as an item description. It was felt that this level of detail was required as the albums contain photographs of many notable scientists and colleagues and are wonderful resources for people interested in the history of genetics. The photographs and negatives that were found loose and in no particular order have been separated into a section of family photos and negatives and a work/genetics related section. Items are arranged chronologically within record series.

Related Material

GB 248 UGC 198/3, the section of Pontecorvo's genetics research correspondence contains letters from many of the people who appear in photographs in the Science photograph album and in the loose bundle of photographs relating to conferences, meetings and lectures.