Copies of correspondence between Pontecorvo and Scientia Books about Pontecorvo's copy of theHonest Jimmanuscript

Scope and Content

Scientia Books purchased Pontecorvo's offprint collection, including signed Crick and Watson offprints. The money made from this sale went towards the endowment of prizes at the University of Glasgow Department of Genetics. Scientia Books were very keen to purchase the Honest Jim manuscript (and accompanying correspondence) from Pontecorvo as well. In his draft letter dated 13 November 1995 he explains that he did not wish to sell the manuscript and that his daughter Lisa would be inheriting it after his death. Pontecorvo has annotated the letter from Scientia Books, "Lisa if you ever wish to sell "Honest Jim" and correspondence and Muller's books with his notes, this is a useful address".

Lisa and the rest of the Pontecorvo family had no intention of selling the Honest Jim manuscript after Pontecorvo's death. On the contrary they were keen that it be safely preserved in the archive for future generations. It is not known whether Muller's book was sold but it was not deposited in the archive with rest of the Pontecorvo collection.