Leni's memoirs, cassette number 4 covering chapters 4A and 4B

Scope and Content

Covers the 1950s-1960s. Leni discusses the family trip around Peru and Mexico and moves on to describe the purchase of their Swiss chalet in St Luc in Switzerland, the reasons why they named their chalet, "le Chardon". The 5th Centenary celebrations of Glasgow University are also described as well as their trip to the USA where Pontecorvo atteneded conferences and gave lectures on his genetics research and alpine plants. Leni also discusses Pontecorvo's trip to USA, contention between Guido and Leni about his offer of the Genetics Chair at the Albert Einstein College of Mecicine, and a trip to Greece. She also briefly touches on their move from Glasgow to London. Two copies.

Related Material

UGC 198/9/3/3/1/7-8, typescript memoirs of chapters 4A and 4B.