Edward Clodd, manuscripts, diaries and correspondence, with a collection of his printed books.

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Comprises: (1) BOUND MSS of some of Clodd's books, comprising volumes entitled: Animism, Dreams, Evolution, The Evolution of Religion, Folklore, Jesus of Nazareth, Magic in Names, Miracle Plays, Mysteries & Moralities, The Story of the Alphabet, Thomas Henry Huxley, and Wiseman's Theory of Heredity; (2) BOXES: (A) 8 boxes of letters to Clodd from Grant Allen, J.B. Bury, Sir Hugh Clifford, John Collier, Sir Mortimer Durand, Sir James Frazer, George Gissing, Edmund Gosse, Sir Ray Lankester, Sir Alfred Lyall, George Meredith, James Cotter Morison, Sir Frederick Pollock, York Powell, George Haven Putnam, Clement Shorter, Herbert Spencer, W.B. Yeats, and others; (B) 545 letters from Clodd to Clement and Dora Shorter, 1892-1925; (C) 28 letters from Thomas Hardy to Clodd, 1900-1923 (including TS transcripts bound in two blue volumes); 22 letters from Florence Dugdale, later (in 1914) Mrs Hardy, to Clodd, 1910-1928; 1 letter from Emma Hardy (Thomas Hardy's first wife) to Clodd, 1897; 2 letters from Katharine Hardy to Clodd, 1915, 1928; 2 letters from John Masefield to Clodd; transcripts of letters from Thomas Hardy to Clement Shorter and Edward Clodd, 1900-1915; transcripts of 13 letters from Walter Besant to Clodd, 1889-1900; (D) 53 MS diaries, 1876-1928 (including TS transcripts for 1876-1896); TS transcripts of newspaper articles about Clodd, 1895-1898; (E) TS transcripts of letters in (A); (F) TS copy of a PhD thesis by Peter Graham Baker (University of Cambridge, 1980) relating to Clodd; and (G) miscellaneous letters (from J.E. Still, Ferdinand Stauffer and others) and press-cuttings, including four issues of 'Folk-Lore: Transactions of the Folk-Lore Society'; (3) PRINTED BOOKS: shelved with the MSS are 39 copies of printed books or articles, mainly by Edward Clodd, with a few by friends such as George Gissing, and one about Clodd; most are filled with press-cuttings and autograph MS letters by various acquaintances of Clodd, pasted in.

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