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From Charlotte Street, [London?]. She was grateful for Fletcher's kind enquiries after her health - she is pleased to be able to say that she is now feeling better than has been the case for two years. Bosanquet is never particularly strong but is as healthy as she can expect. She had a violent cough at the time that Mr [Samuel] Bosanquet [Fletcher's brother] wrote, but is quite recovered. [Samuel] is very caring 'and I am always sorry to give him so much trouble…he is blessed with a delightful good constitution, and enjoys uncommon good health - he has had a cough of late, which as he is grown very fat, has been uncomfortable to him, but he is now much better…'

It is a source of great regret that they are unable to see more of Fletcher, but the distance renders it impractical. She supposes that Fletcher has been settled for so long in one place that it would be a great fuss to make a visit to Forest House [Leytonstone, Essex]. The family has much increased since last they saw Fletcher. Each of Bosanquet's eldest sons [Samuel junior and Charles] have five children, as fine a progeny as could be wished for. Bosanquet has the pleasure of seeing a great deal of her eldest son [Samuel junior] and his family as they live in a small house belonging to [Samuel senior] situated at the corner of the forest at Whip's Cross where Mr Smyth lived in Fletcher's time.

[William] Bosanquet [Fletcher's brother] informs her that Fletcher wishes to be kept informed as to what people in this part of the country are thinking with regard to the invasion [Napoleon's threatened invasion of Britain]. Certainly the whole country would stand united against such an attempt; it would most affect the people in the coastal area where such a landing would take place, if the invading ships were able to evade the Royal Navy which is generally thought to be impossible in any numbers. Such a small army would be destroyed and hence there are few worries. 'I wish it may act as a warning, that if our evil ways are not corrected heavy judgements may fall upon us…as there even has been much wickedness in great citys & populous nations, and therefore from time to time warnings of national evils have come to pass…' Spiritual matters are discussed