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From Rebecca Longmore in Oswestry to Mary Tooth. She had intended to be with Tooth in Madeley this evening, but she has had to abandon the idea. It is a long time since she has heard from Tooth – how is she? How are things at Madeley?

The cause of God gradually improves here, and if an acceptable preacher succeeds [John] Wheelhouse, then Oswestry Methodism should continue to rise. Will Tooth spend a few days with them this Summer? Spiritual matters are discussed in detail, with regard to Longmore’s spiritual condition and her sense of loss since the death of her husband [Benjamin Longmore].

The [leadership of the] Sunday afternoon class is a burden to her soul, not to be desired. Yesterday while she was at meeting, the thought came into her head, that the next blow the cause would have, would be by Longmore, that she will get encumbered with temporal matters or lose her ‘senses’ or perhaps both. Yet at preaching last night, she was melted into tears before the Lord.

Business continues to be poor, yet there seems to be an increasing prospect of it improving in time, but whether her health, strength and spirit will be sufficient is another matter. Could she give up the business, it would be a relief to her.

The children [Sarah and Rebecca] are in their usual health.