Scope and Content

From Birmingham. She would have written sooner but there has been a great deal of confusion. She arrived home on the Monday and on the Wednesday, her husband’s brother was taken ill in the shop while he was busy selling and he died just six hours later without regaining his senses. Also, her husband’s sister was buried last Sunday. Jordan has therefore been backward and forward to Redditch. The sister’s illness was long and painful - there was hope in her death but none in the other. It has been made worse by the fact that Jordan’s husband has also been unwell. They were the only two near relations that he had. He is going on a trip and she hopes that it will do him some good.

Jordan has had another bad bout of sickness, but not so bad as the first. She used leeches last night, which she hopes will relieve her head.

Mrs Randall came to Birmingham to buy carpeting. Jordan invited her to stay with her as long as she wishes. Her husband liked her very much.

Jordan’s love should be passed to Mr and Mrs Harper and to Miss Haslewood.

In a postscript, she adds that her husband also sends his love. Jordan was grateful for the book.