Scope and Content

From [unreadable female name] in Beaumaris to Mary Tooth and Mary Fletcher. Here they are after scrambling over high mountains and ruined towers, burned by the sun and choked by the dust ‘and like true English people porting from one town to another with all possible expedition and this is pleasure. However I hope soon to have the real one of seeing my dear sisters [in the spiritual sense]…’ They are to leave here on Tuesday night unless they are delayed until Wednesday by the rain that just began with a heavy thunder clap and looks likely to continue all day. If they are delayed, it will probably be the beginning of the week after that they will arrive in Welshpool. She shall then set out for Shrewsbury by the first coach. ‘Miss [unreadable name – her companion] says about the length of stay at any place we go to, it all depends on circumstances and when I expected to make the longest stay, we arrived at 2 o’clock af [after] noon and departed the next day at 7 and went 10 miles to breakfast, but the grand object of our journey is accomplished. We have seen Cader Idris [Second highest mountain in Wales after Snowdon] and been on the highest peak of Snowdon but we were unfortunate, Snowdon was wrapped in clouds, we were above them at the top, but everything below was lost to view…the waterfalls we have seen to great disadvantage the weather having been dry so long, but what is their disadvantage has been a great advantage to us as rain would have precluded our seeing all we came for. Should I meet with the right Royal George [stage coach] any where on the road after we have [unreadable town] Bangor town[?], I should be prepared to get into it and come without delay. If however, she does not meet with the right coach, then she shall follow the original plan of going to Welshpool or Llangollen, as she thinks that Miss [unreadable initial] goes through both on her way to South Wales.

She trusts that Fletcher and Tooth both enjoy good health – she herself has never been better although her legs have been aching because of the mountain climbing that they have been doing.