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From Birmingham. Jordan has been very ill or she would have replied sooner. She was suddenly struck down two months ago and was as helpless as a child. All her strength was gone in less than five minutes. She is able to get about a little more but her head is still very bad. It was her husband’s unkindness that was the cause – he was keen to have that girl [maidservant] back and therefore sent the other one away. Jordan was without assistance for a fortnight and will trying to do the work, she was taken ill. She has not yet got the girl back. Jordan has one now that suits her if her husband will allow her to keep her, but he has already begun to find fault. None know what her troubles are but her heavenly father. She has however been greatly supported in her sickness and has been happy beyond what words can express. She knows that all this is needful to wean her away from the things of this world.

Her husband is out of town at present, or she would not dare to write. Jordan will come to Madeley as soon as she can. Tooth should write and invite her, but she must not let on that she knows anything. She will not be able to come until after Christmas.

She would be grateful if Tooth could obtain her two hams, dried like the last ones. She will pay when she comes – Tooth should tell Mr and Mrs Molineaux that the hams were well-liked here.