Scope and Content

From Emma Lloyd in Strefford[?] to Mary Tooth. The pleasure that she would have in spending a few days with Tooth seems to be denied her, although the Lord has raised her from the edge of the grave. Nevertheless she feels unable to make the journey.

Her sisters have some thought of getting a house for her in Hereford, and should that be the place where the Lord wishes her to be, she hopes that the way will be made straight. Lloyd at times feels so much bodily weakness that she does not think that she will be alive for much longer, but she is perfectly satisfied that it is in the Lord’s hands. ‘I long to be as a little childe, depending simply upon him…’ Spiritual matters are discussed in detail. She hopes that the Lord’s work prospers in Madeley. Everything is dead here – it is a barren place.

Lloyd’s dear friend Ann Smith has been very ill. She was despairing of her recovery, but she is now much better and able to walk outside a little bit. If Tooth sees Mrs Faulkner and Mrs Griffiths, Lloyd’s regards should be passed on and similarly to Mrs [Richard] Williams and [Rosamund] Tooth.

In a postscript, she passes on her sister’s regards.