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From [[Martha] Gregson's house] Saham-Toney near Wotton, Norfolk, to Mary Tooth at Madeley. She received Tooth's kind letter and was very pleased to discover that the Lord has granted her a little health and peace. Since Boyce last wrote, she has been very unwell but has nevertheless had 'sweet communion' with the Lord. Her lungs are very tender from an inflammation caught after she went out one Sunday to preach. It was caught in the Lord's work and she believes that the Lord will restore her again as long as she takes care. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

The Lord permitting, she will be leaving [with [Martha] Gregson] to travel to Tooth's on about May 18th. They will be some days on the road as they intend travelling by coach. The route will be via Birmingham rather than London, and they will send her another note from Birmingham with details of the exact day of their arrival.

Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

[Martha] Gregson sends her love.