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From George Lowe in Congleton to [Mary] Tooth. He was very grateful for the kind letter and the little book. The letter was ‘truly blessed to my soul’ and as he read it again and again, ‘the fire kindled, and my soul was quickened in its motion heavenward’. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

He has also read the letter or little book addressed to the inhabitants of the village of Madeley and was ‘much affected, pleased and profted’. There is no doubt that it will be a blessing to many.

Lowe is pleased that the biography of [Mary] Fletcher is being prepared – it will be a rich treasure.

In answer to Tooth’s request, Lowe will answer what the Lord is doing with him. Lowe has had much pain in his head this summer and a total loss of appetite, but he is now much better. He feels that that ‘rod’ has been a welcome and pleasurable experience and that he has emerged from the furnace a better person. Spiritual matters are further discussed.