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Legal document as follows:

Whereas Jacob and Claude the brothers of Samuel Bosanquet senior, declined to prove their brother's will and the trust established by the will for the use of Mary Bosanquet, daughter of the said Samuel, and whereas Mary, the widow of Samuel Bosanquet senior, did prove her husband's will but died shortly after (September 4 1765), Samuel Bosanquet junior hereby assumes the responsibility for the execution of his father's will.

In order to secure the repayment of a loan of £1250 made to her by Samuel junior at an annual interest rate of 4%, Mary Bosanquet mortgaged by deed of lease and release dated February 4th 1773 certain properties in Leytonstone, Essex.

Samuel Bosanquet junior promises and agrees that the said Mary Bosanquet shall from time to time during her natural life retain the interest from the sum of £1250 without being accountable to her brother and also that the said Samuel Bosanquet after the death of Mary Bosanquet shall dispose of the sum of £1250 as part of the sum of £4500 in accordance with the trust established by the will of Samuel Bosanquet senior.


  • The above was a legal fiction, by which Mary Bosanquet was allowed access to her trust fund.
  • See also MAM/FL 1.8/1 and 8/6