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From Rosamund Tooth in Madeley to [Rosamund's relation Mrs Legge]. It gave them [Rosamund and her sister Mary] great pleasure to read in her letter that she was comfortably settled in a house, which is certainly preferable to lodgings in many respects. They could only wish that it was on their side of the county. They were also pleased that Mr Legge's health has improved.

Rosamund is still getting on without a servant and has found it a distinct improvement. There is a young woman living just below (Miss Pace[?]) that comes every Saturday and whenever else they want her.

Rosamund went to Birmingham last May to the Missionary meeting and stayed for ten days. Mr Good's eyesight is very poor - he is now blind in one eye and the other has been couched. He was as kind to Rosamund as ever and enquired very affectionately after Mr and Mrs Legge. He lives in a very handsome house in Aston parish and Caroline is still with him. Rosamund had not seen Birmingham in nine years and noticed a tremendous change - many people that she had known have now died and the place is so completely altered that she could scarcely recognise it. She could find their old house in Ball Street only with great difficulty. Perhaps Legge recalls Mr Riland, who lived in St Mary's Row - he died a few months ago. Their former neighbours Mr and Mrs Haslewood are pretty much as they were.

Rosamund was sorry to hear that Mrs Attwork is unwell. Many have been sick in this neighbourhood and only yesterday a young woman of 25 was buried after dying of the consumption - she was married with two little children. It is looking likely that another will die soon of the same complaint. Last week a youth of seventeen was taken sick and died after a few days.

Mrs Rudge has made many kind enquiries after Legge. She has been blind but her eyes have been couched and she can now see without glasses. However, she has the gout very bad and it is feared that she is not long for this world.

Mary sends her best wishes. They are both pretty well except for a cold.