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From Hyde Park, County Westmeath, to [Mary Tooth]. D'Arcy last wrote to Tooth on July 9 via her sister [Eliza's] family [the Sirrs] who were going to England. She asked them to wait at the Tontine [Inn in Madeley] for a reply, but they did not in the event travel that way until they were on their way home, when they sent a messenger from the Inn with D'Arcy's letter. They waited a considerable time but finally had to proceed with their journey.

It occurred to D'Arcy that as Tooth is constantly employed in 'acts of kindness', she might not have been home and that the messenger might have had to wait for her return. If Tooth had sent a letter to the Tontine, D'Arcy would be obliged if she could retrieve it and forward it by post. She is eager to know how the work of God is proceeding since the [death of Mary Fletcher].

D'Arcy read Tooth's letter to [Joseph] Benson in the [Methodist] Magazine.