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From D. Whitmore to Mary Tooth in Madeley. Two women from the vicinity of Coalport called here at the beginning of the month to solicit some articles of clothing. The name of one was Harper, 'who states a sick husband and a totally incapacitated son.' The name of the other is Harper as well - she came on behalf of her mother, who has the name Pasten[?] and who Whitmore seems to recall was formally employed in 'spinning for us, but with whom I was not very well pleased.' Finding that the women knew Tooth, Whitmore asked if they would bring a note from Tooth testifying to the truth of their stories of hardship - upon receipt of this testimony, then Whitmore would assist them. As they have not returned, Whitmore is concerned that Tooth may not have believed their story. It is Whitmore's rule not to give aid to strangers without some good corroboration as to the truth of their statement. She would be grateful therefore if Tooth could respond with what she knows of these women and their circumstances.