Scope and Content

From Alscott to Mary Tooth. She was grateful to receive Tooth’s kind note. Jenkins was sorry to read that Tooth has been unwell. She would love to be able to visit Tooth but this is ‘denied’ and similarly she will unable to attend the love feast. With God all things are possible and she knows that he will work a change in the hearts of her parents. Spiritual matters are discussed

. She is obliged to go to Bridgnorth today. The preacher last Sunday took the names of the members of the society and Jenkins asked Miss Bywater to bring them over from Bridgnorth. If Jenkins receives them on Sunday, she will send them to Tooth with this letter. She will also send the missionary money as fast as she can collect it.

Jenkins hopes that dear Miss Tooth will write to her often and she must come and see them when she is able. Why does Miss Dorset not come? – Jenkins has been expecting her every day.

Jenkins almost forgot to say that the house that they have been holding their meetings in, has been locked to keep them out. They tried to get one of the barns last Sunday but her father would not allow it.

In a postscript, she mentions that she has just returned from Bridgnorth where she saw Miss Jones. ‘It is her request that Miss Dorset would send the name of that person as she wishes to be cleared of the slander when Mr [Edward] Sumner comes which is next Monday week’.