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From Alscott to Mary Tooth. It is with pleasure and after a long silence that Jenkins addresses her dear friend. She supposes that Tooth has learned from Miss D. [Dorset?], something of what has passed at Alscott. This last month there has been persecution greater than any that she has experienced before. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

It is now nearly two years since the word of God began to be heard in Wyken. Jenkins has been thinking this evening of Tooth’s kindness at that time and the trouble, expense and work that it cost her [Tooth]. Jenkins is truly grateful and can assure Tooth that her labour has not been in vain for there has been many lives changed. The work is still flourishing among them. Dear Mrs Rynolds still attends – all love her and she behaves very kindly. Reynolds seems to want to meet in a class but something prevents. They would be grateful if Tooth could send them another class paper - Jenkins cannot keep her [class] accounts as well as she would wish for want of one. Jenkins has asked Tooth twice, but supposes that the message was not delivered. They also want more tracts if possible.

Tooth should remember poor Eliza Lewis.

Jenkins thinks sometimes that she would write to get Tooth’s assistance in getting a ‘situation’ [job], but then she cannot help shedding tears at the thought of leaving Alscott and especially the class at Bridgnorth. Spiritual matters are discussed.

Jenkins has yet to hear from Miss Scotter[?]