Scope and Content

To Miss Jones at Low Town near Bridgnorth. She will be absent from class next Sunday morning and is writing this lest Jones thinks that Jenkins is staying away ‘through a slavish fear of man’. This is not the case. When they returned home last Sunday they were both [Sarah and her brother William] placed into confinement and not released until it was thought [by their family] that it was too late to go to Wyken [for the meeting of the Methodist society], but they did go. William was obliged to go without his hat. When they returned, the conflict [with the family] was more severe still. Spiritual matters are discussed, with specific regard to the benefit of suffering for Jesus’s sake. Her faith was stronger than the opposition and she felt great peace.

Her young companion in tribulation [her brother William] was not allowed to sleep with his brothers but with his old uncle instead. He said that he could not sleep for thinking of his saviour and others who they have read of, and who have suffered greater persecution that them.

If Rebecca can meet her at Wyken, she will tell her what prevents her from coming to class. If however she is a prisoner again, Miss Tooth can tell her everything that has passed between them on the subject.

Spiritual matters are discussed.

Jones asked if Jenkins had received a letter lately but she has not. She has however heard that one arrived and it was opened and read to her when it was too late for her to answer with respect to the other part of the message.

William joins in sending his love.