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From Rebecca Longmore in Oswestry to Mary Tooth. She received Tooth’s kind letter and the accompanying tracts a few days ago. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

Her business is in a very discouraging state but all she can do at present is cast her cares on God. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail. She does not think that she can stand the shop for another winter.

2nd February

She has been expecting [John?] Stormont for the last five or six weeks and intended sending this letter with him – he may be here in a day or two. Tooth will be pleased to hear that the cause of God is improving. The congregations are considerably larger and the society increases albeit slowly. [John] Wheelhouse continues to work hard while [Charles] Janion is getting into the hearts of the cold people of Oswestry – he seems to be made a blessing in every part of the circuit. ‘He knows the widow and fatherless by making our house his home, he visits us about once a month’.

Longmore has been unwell this last week with a bad cold, although the children [daughters Rebecca and Sarah] are in their usual health.

She thinks there is some prospect of the business improving in time although she does not think that as yet it meets one half of the expenses. It is very much a burden, requiring much thought and attention. Some of the rich and great are very tedious. Some of the great folks about this town have lately been calling in and seem to like what they see, although they are not buying much at present.

Father [Mr Lacon] has been with them very little this winter as she has no boy in the shop.

[John] Wheelhouse sends his regards.

The two individuals who live near the chapel and promised Tooth that they would attend the Sunday afternoon class, met there only for a short time. One of the Sunday morning classes needs to be divided and Mr W. is now short of two [class] leaders. There are thirteen in the Sunday afternoon class and they ought to be visited often; Longmore herself cannot do it especially in the winter.