Scope and Content

From Dumfermline to [Mary] Tooth at Madeley. The Lord has indeed intervened on behalf of that 'good mother in Israel, Mrs Fletcher'. Reference is made to Fletcher's recent illness which had brought her to the brink of death. Spiritual matters are discussed.

He is pleased that the [Madeley Methodists?] are well provided for on Monday night and that the Lord is present. Bridgman has lately recalled many of the anecdotes which Fletcher told him and when he has repeated them to others they have been a blessing.

No doubt Brother Molyneaux has been 'faithful to his charge, but I am exceedingly pained that so few of them stand. However it is great cause of thankfulness that some stand'. He always had great hopes of the two Bartrams - Anne is particular was a very promising girl. Reference is also made to Maria D.

'Edward Yate was at the test but [unreadable word]. Mary Dyas met with the same opposition formerly as now…I trust Ann Carter has not let go the small confidence she had gained. Please to thank Brother Tayler for his earnestness in [unreadable word] to be remembered to me'. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

Tooth's account of the death of Mrs Williams was the first that he had heard. He is pleased that there was hope in her end.

Bridgman expects to be in Edinburgh in a short time, where he will make enquiry regarding the tracts which Tooth mentioned. He knows that there are some very pious ministers in that city and it is likely they know about tracts being published.

The winter is very severe here, more than people can remember. It is reported to be even worse in England.

Reference is made to Brother Taylor and in a postscript, to Mr Williams senior.