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From [Caroline] Guy [in Birmingham] to [Mary] Tooth. Reference is made to Mr Stormont's return [to Madeley] early tomorrow morning, which has created this opportunity to write a few lines.

She was upset to hear that Tooth has been unwell and that Tooth's journey to Manchester did not produce an improvement. All Guy's family, particularly Mother, regret that the [Rosamund Tooth] has not yet been able to fulfill her promise to visit Birmingham.

Guy enjoys good health and has been subject to spiritual improvement. She feels more desirous of giving herself up to the service of God than has been the case for a long time, '& those superfluities you mentioned to me in my dress I have endeavoured to throw off'. It is her fervent wish to appear what she is, namely a Christian and a Methodist. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail and Tooth's influence and prayers.

Guy saw Mrs Sleep[?] in Birmingham, but she [Sleep] presumably did not have the opportunity to call.

Guy's regards should be passed to her Madeley friends. Her mother joins in sending best wishes. Guy's sister Selina has been to Worcester and returned much better [in health].

[annotation on the reverse]