Scope and Content

From [Rosamund Tooth] to unnamed correspondent [probably Mrs Legge]. Her correspondent's kind and dutiful letter came safely to hand. Spiritual matters are discussed. She is feeling a great deal better and is almost returned to her usual state of health. [Legge] may recall that when [Rosamund] was visiting [Legge] in Devon, she visited a medical man near Church Stretton. [Rosamund] saw him twice him last summer, but when this last attack came, such was its severity that she could not make the journey. On the urging of her friends, [Rosamund] sent for a doctor at [Iron]bridge. He came and proscribed her complaint as dropsy and that cure was out of the question - any violent attempt at a remedy might endanger life. [Rosamund] had been unwell for some time and woke one night with a violent apoplexy. Mr [unreadable name] was sent for and he said that he had never seen her so ill in her life and that nearly all the blood in her body appears to have turned to water.

[The letter tapers off soon after this point with no signature line]