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From Bishopsgate Street, London, to Madeley, Shropshire. He would be interested to find out how Mary is coping with the visit of her Swiss nephew - 'I suppose he thinks as you receive money from abroad that he has a right to some of it'. William wishes that he could be of service to the youth by finding him a companion to accompany him to Italy, but he fears that there are few young men who would enter into such an arrangement - they either take a tutor or go alone.

As Mary's French annuity has not yet been received, she may perhaps be short of money for the present and he is therefore sending her £20 to be distributed among the poor. He does not doubt her ability to place it where it would do the most good.

He had a few lines from [their sister Anna-Maria] Gaussen the other day. She has apparently been rather sick but is much better now and is expecting a visit from her daughter and son-in-law Whitting. In William's opinion the company will do her good.