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From [Emma?] Bates in Blackheath, London, to [Mary] Fletcher at Madeley, Shropshire. In 1785 Loius de la Flechere paid £100 to Mrs Haskins of Lausanne in Switzerland to be carried to Flechere's brother [John Fletcher] in England. The rate of exchange being at that time greatly in favour of London. Flechere insisted on paying Haskins £105 for the £100, which she at first refused but he was adamant. 'Probably thro ignorance I do not express the transaction right, but this I know, dear Mr Fletcher LOST five pounds…by his brother's unnecessary complaisance. Dear Mrs Haskins (as you know) never lived to do more then receive it; & certainly when I came home if I had had a proper understanding, I ought to have requested Mr Ireland NOT TO PERMIT Mr Fletcher to be a loser…I waited opportunity & MEANS to set it right & pay the debt which I am sure belonged to the poor of Madeley'.

Bates is now in a position to send the enclosed ten pound note, which Fletcher should take in payment of the debt.

In a postscript she adds that she has enclosed a small printed work, which was the last as editor that her husband was able to do.