Scope and Content

From Norwich, to Mary Tooth at Madeley. She hopes this finds Tooth in better health and 'striving to bring sinners to God…' Spiritual matters are discussed in detail. Boyce is still subject to temptation and affliction 'but all is sanctified. I long to join that Church above…' Spiritual matters are further discussed in detail.

Dear [Martha] Gregson remains unwell and her complaint is getting worse. Boyce is of the opinion that she is gradually sinking towards death. When Gregson feels up to it, a few friends meet as a band and she often finds that her soul is blessed as a result.

Spiritual matters are further discussed. Boyce is now in her seventy-third year and is sure that the Master will soon call her. Many in this city are being summoned by God - 'and I fear some in their sins, in the midst of their sensual pleasures'